Chloe and Jack

Chloe and Jack’s story, as told by their parents in 2016.

Having no exposure to the deaf world, when we had the diagnosis of our first child being profoundly deaf it was a difficult thing to come to terms with. Thankfully modern technology and the fantastic skills of the Addenbrookes team have transformed both our children’s lives and given them access to sound which we never dreamed could be possible.

Chloe has settled into mainstream school very easily and is enjoying it immensely. Her speech is fantastic and she making good use of new vocabulary from school. Jack is independent and confident, doing great at nursery. He is learning new phrases weekly and certainly has plenty to say for himself.

Our children lead wonderful lives, participating fully in activities that any young child would. Their implant, and the progress they have made, mean that we have exactly the same expectations and aspirations for them that any parent would.